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Starry Night

Starry Night Advanced versetzt den Benutzer in die Lage eines Raumschiffkapitäns und bietet eine neue Sichtweise der Sterne. Mit dem SkyKalender können “Sightseeingtours” gemacht werden. 100 interaktive Multimedia Touren führen in die Faszination und Geschichte der Sterne ein. Entdecken Sie das Universum neu! Funktion: 70 Interaktive Multimedia Touren Planung von Sternsichtungen mit Hilfe des SkyKalender 2,5 Millionen Sterne und über 40.000 interstellare Objekte Hinzufügen von Kometen, Asteroiden, Satelliten und Planeten 94 hochauflösende Bilder der Weltraumteleskope Hubble, Chandra und Spitze

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STOIK Color By Number


STOIK Color by Number lets you to convert photo to a paint-by-number pattern. Just scan the photo or load graphics file from disk, choose the brand of paints/crayons to be used and the program will convert your photo to a paint-by-number pattern optimized for the palette you have chosen. You can print the pattern together with color key.

Simplified paint-by-number pattern creation process.

1. Open any image file or acquire picture from scanner or camera.

2. Choose paint palette. 
Program will convert your picture to paint-by-number outline pattern optimized for paint/crayon palette of your choice.

3. Print your pattern. You can print it together with color key.

4. Enjoy the coloring and painting!


  • Simplified user interface and workflow.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 7.
  • Convenient image browser.
  • New conversion algorithm works much faster and precisely.
  • Up to 255 colors in the pattern.
  • Ability to use mixed colors and Shaded palette.
  • Option to convert to the best matching RGB colors.
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STOIK Stitch Creator

Cross-Stitching Made Simple

STOIK Stitch Creator makes turning your pictures into cross-stitch masterpiece a breeze. You can convert any picture or photograph into a cross-stitch pattern, or create your very own cross-stitch charts from scratch by using tools like virtual needles, color fill, eraser, text and picture inserts.

Cross-Stitch Patterns in Three Easy Steps

It only takes three easy steps to convert a picture into a cross-stitch chart.

  1. Choose your picture by loading it from the disk, scanner, or digital camera
  2. Specify desired floss palette and let STOIK Stitch Creator convert your picture into an optimized cross-stitch pattern
  3. Adjust your cross-stitch pattern by adding a motif, border, or using the drawing tools available. Hit Print and start stitching!

Better Conversion to Thread Colors

Create cross-stitch charts in perfect color! STOIK Stitch Creator knows the colors of most threads, and has information from many recent brand catalogues. By specifying which threads you’re going to use, you can help STOIK Stitch Creator create a perfect pattern for you.

  • Image Conversion Wizard shows instant previews for every step
  • Various palette settings for cross-stitch patterns available with instant previews
  • Recognizes the most recent brand color catalogues such as Anchor, DMC, Madeira, J&P Coates
  • Brand Manager can update brand catalogues, define custom colors and custom brand palettes
  • Supports mixed-color threads

Powerful Pattern Editing Tools

Not quite happy with busy background of your favourite photo? Want to add a theme or seasons greeting to your work? The many editing tools available will help you do that with ease.

Multiple layer support for creating complex stitches with reach color palette

  • A huge collection of themes and motifs
  • Extendable collection of blackwork style designs
  • A wide choice of borders
  • Text layer support for adding various text effects
  • Over 10 stitch types including French Knot
  • Extra backstitch types including short and double backstitch
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